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Diesel Fuel Additives

501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver

SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver is a highly effective multi-function diesel fuel improver which improves the combustion characteristics of today’s low quality diesel fuels and prevents formation of sludge, varnish and gum deposits which slowly rob diesel engines of performance.

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Gasoline Fuel Additives

503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 is a unique blend of specialized high-temperature-resistant solvents and highly effective rust and corrosion inhibitors. The carefully balanced solvent portion of the formulation is extremely effective for removal of all forms of harmful engine deposits as well as for prevention of their formation.

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Diesel Fuel Additives

512 Premium Performance Booster

SWEPCO 512 Premium Performance Booster is a concentrated, high performance additive package containing advanced anti-oxidants, seal conditioners, anti-foam and water separation chemistry.

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