Cost Improvement Analysis

The initial cost of a lubricant has very little impact on the total cost of lubrication. But your choice of lubricants can have a dramatic impact.

SWEPCO’s Lubrication Cost Improvement Analysis provides a simple cost analysis of all lubrication related expense. By answering a few basic questions about current lubrication and repair practices, maintenance managers can receive a report which reveals the true impact of their choice of lubricants.

The report will also reveal opportunities for reduction of costs and improvement in profits.

The SWEPCO Cost Improvement Analysis is free and can be used to evaluate any of the following applications:
• Greased Bearings
• Mobile & Stationary Gear Boxes
• Mobile & Stationary Engines
• Compressors
• Hydraulic Systems

It’s Simple …
Just fill out a simple questionnaire. In return, you will receive a free cost analysis which not only reveals your current costs but also reveals opportunities to reduce those costs and enhance profits.