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About Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC

Founded in 1933, Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC is a leading manufacturer of high performance industrial lubricants.  Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and offers a complete line of chemically superior products, marketed under the brand name “SWEPCO”, designed to lubricate virtually every type of commercial and industrial equipment.

Southwestern Petroleum blends, packages, markets and sells over 100 Industrial lubricants including a full line of Greases, Gear Oils, Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Fuel & Oil Improvers, Compressor, Hydraulic and Industrial Oils, Metal Working Fluids and Industrial Spray Lubricants. SWEPCO Products are manufactured with exclusive additives and high quality ingredients under stringent ISO 9001-2015 quality standards to assure consistent quality and performance. 

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Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC is a world leader in high performance lubrication. Since 1933 SWEPCO Brand Lubricants have been helping our Customers reduce the total cost of lubrication in demanding industries like transportation, mining, construction, manufacturing, marine, agri-business, performance automotive and municipal services. We can help you too.

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SWEPCO 306 Engine Oil - " Jay Leno's Garage"

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Tooth gear wheel with oil
SWEPCO 222 Sprayable Open Gear Achieves FZG Stage 14

October 26, 2021 | Products

SWEPCO 222 Sprayable EP Open Gear Lube is a fully synthetic product with a solid lubricant that was formulated especially lubricate highly loaded gear sets.

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Aerosol cans in factory
SWEPCO Announces Two New NSF H1 Aerosol Lubricants

| News

SWEPCO Lubricants has announced two new aerosol lubricants for the food and beverage industry. SWEPCO 816 Food Grade Silicone Spray and SWEPCO 818 Food Grade Penetrating Lubricant. Both products are NSF Registered for “H1” use were contact with food is possible. SWEPCO 816 is recommended for for protection and to improve the non-stick characteristics of […]

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