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In 1999, industrial electric rates averaged 4.43 cents per kilowatt-hour in the United States. In 2008, 10 years later, the average industrial rate is 6.33 cents per kilowatt-hour. Rates vary from a low of 3.63 cents in Idaho to a high of 13.80 cents in Connecticut. But on average, rates have increased 43% in 10 years or roughly 4.3% per year. And they are even higher for commercial type businesses. With no sign of a change in energy costs, it is only prudent for every business to explore all opportunities to control energy consumption.

One opportunity for energy conservation that is often overlooked in industrial and commercial facilities is the quality of lubricant used. Friction is the enemy that robs power and increases electrical demand. The truth is that not all oils are the same; nor are all greases. There are important differences in oil base stocks, additive chemistry and formulation technology. And the quality of lubricant used has a direct impact on energy use. In fact, one study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that $200 billion is lost every year in the United States alone to friction and all related effects including increased electrical loads.

Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC has been in business since 1933. We manufacture and sell our own line of high performance, energy efficient industrial and commercial lubricants under the brand name “SWEPCO”. Our lubricants are formulated with the very finest base stocks and state-of-the-art additive chemistry with the sole objective of reducing friction and wear beyond the levels achieved with conventional lubricants. For decades our lubricants have been reducing the total cost of lubrication through longer lubricant life and corresponding reductions in lubricant consumption and lubrication labor. Superior lubrication also has a direct impact on parts replacements and asset life. And productivity is enhanced through elimination of downtime. But there is another tremendous benefit, potentially the greatest, that is derived from using SWEPCO High Performance Lubricants … and that is reduction in energy costs.

It is not uncommon for industrial plants to save as much as 5% or more when switching from conventional lubricants to SWEPCO’s energy efficient lubricants. Immediate reductions in amperage are common for electric motors powering gearboxes, compressors, pumps and other equipment operating under heavy loads. Factored over an entire plant, these reductions can be significant, and, of course, the savings go right to the bottom line, improving the profitability of any industrial or commercial facility.

SWEPCO’s Energy Savings Program or (ESP) is designed to provide you with documentation detailing the substantial savings you can achieve through the use of SWEPCO High Performance Lubricants.

Our first objective in any Energy Savings Program audit is to work with you to identify where you can save. While nearly all production equipment presents opportunities for savings, some of the most impressive savings can be achieved by reducing the electrical demand of compressors that provide plant air.

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