Fuel & Oil Additives

Premium Diesel Fuel Improvers, Gasoline Fuel Additives as well as Oil Additives and Friction Reducers.

Diesel Fuel Additives

gas pump
Swepco 501 Premium Diesel Improver

SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver is a highly effective multi-function diesel fuel improver which improves the combustion characteristics of today’s low quality diesel fuels and prevents formation of sludge, varnish and gum deposits which slowly rob diesel engines of performance.

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Gasoline Fuel Additives

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Swepco 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver eliminates these problems by keeping fuel injectors clean.

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Oil Additives

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Swepco 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver

SWEPCO 502 will save you money by reducing heat, friction, wear, oil consumption, fuel consumption and costly repairs.

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Swepco 512 Premium Performance Booster

SWEPCO 512 Premium Performance Booster is a concentrated, high performance additive package containing advanced anti-oxidants, seal conditioners, anti-foam and water separation chemistry.

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