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Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC ... Your Energy Star® Partner

Southwestern Petroleum is proud to announce that we are the first and only manufacturer of industrial lubricants to be recognized as an Energy Star® Partner by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Since 1933, Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC’s SWEPCO Brand Lubricants have been saving our Customers energy through state-of-the-art anti-friction chemistry. Now, we are pleased to recognized as an Energy Star® Partner with the United States Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Agency.

This achievement is the result of a detailed review of SWEPCO Case Studies and Energy Savings Program Audits, documenting the ability of SWEPCO Energy Conserving Lubricants to help our Customers improve energy efficiency in real world operations. This documentation was essential to our acceptance as an Energy Star® Partner … which ultimately means you can be confident when you choose SWEPCO that you have chosen a partner who has the experience, products, technology and commitment to help you …

  • achieve your energy efficiency & conservation goals
  • earn Energy Star® recognition for your own company
  • reduce your electrical loads as much as 5 to 12% or more
  • cut your diesel fuel costs as much as 4 to 10% or more & cut emissions
  • reduce your oil consumption on average 50-66%
  • reduce waste oil disposal
  • reduce friction, wear and operating temperatures on your equipment

How Friction Costs Us All Money

It is simple really. Electrical energy applied to a task is split between the work that is done and the energy lost to friction in the form of heat. The goal of a lubricant is to reduce the ratio of friction to work.

What can you do about it?

The truth is that not all oils are the same; nor are all greases. There are important differences in oil base stocks, additive chemistry and formulation technology. And your choice of lubricant has a direct impact on your energy use. The ability of SWEPCO Lubricants to reduce friction and energy consumption has been proven in a wide range of demanding applications around the globe.

Our Energy Star® Partner status helps establish our credibility

From reducing amperage loads on heavily loaded gear boxes … to supplying more economical plant compressed air … to reduced drag on extruders, chain drives, pumps, mills and crushers … to improving fuel economy in over-the road and off-road diesel applications … SWEPCO’s Energy Saving Lubricants have proven they can reduce energy requirements as much as 4-12% or more in common, real-world applications.

As SWEPCO Lubricants reduce the friction that increases energy consumption, they also reduce the wear that shortens equipment life. So you get the added benefit of lower maintenance and repair costs and longer equipment life. And because SWEPCO Brand Lubricants deliver drain and re-greasing intervals that are typically three to five times longer than conventional lubricants, they save the environment too.

To learn more about the Energy Star® Program visit  To learn more about how a SWEPCO Energy Savings Program Audit can help you conserve energy and save money, contact your local SWEPCO Field Service Representative or Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC at  817-348-7234. You’ll be glad you did.

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