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We are proud of the reputation we have earned for manufacturing the highest quality products. But we are equally proud that SWEPCO Products have provided the path to security and prosperity for many people through the years.

An Established Company

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The International Headquarters of Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC is located at 3401 Quorum Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76137 USA. The company was founded in 1933 and today is a multimillion-dollar  ISO 9001 – 2015 certified operation with Field Service Representatives and Distributors in more than 80 countries around the world.

Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC manufactures a wide range of industrial lubricants sold under the SWEPCO trademark. Since 1933, Southwestern Petroleum has been a leader — an innovator — in high performance industrial and commercial lubricants.

The SWEPCO trademark is recognized in the markets we serve as a symbol of quality. Our record of success has been built on dedication . . . dedication first to preserving our reputation for integrity in all of our dealings . . . and dedication to producing the finest quality products that modern science, money, skill, care, experience and pride can produce.

A Proven Sales Program

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Quality products and an unusually large market are important ingredients for success.

But to successfully take those products to market requires a proven sales program and effective training.

Southwestern’s Field Service Representatives, Sales Agents and Distributors receive in-depth training at the most comprehensive training school in our industry. From the basics of lubrication, to specific product applications, to demonstrations and effective sales techniques, SWEPCO’s Lubricants Training School is designed to prepare our new sales associates to begin selling . . . and earning . . . immediately.

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We pride ourselves on building the very best Sales Team in the industry, and our goal is to find the best candidates to join Team SWEPCO. Quality-oriented, service minded, aggressive business development individuals who get excited about earning more commissions … who enjoy prospecting and building a loyal Customer base … and who are interested in a long career with a company known for its integrity in dealing with both Customers and it’s Sales Representatives.

Southwestern’s growing ranks of independent Field Service Representatives, Sales Agents and Distributors are proud professionals . . . proud of the company they represent . . . proud of its reputation . . . and proud of its products.

Comments from Training Attendees

Some Comments about the SWEPCO Lubricants Training School from Recent Attendees:

“I’ve been to several dozen instructional programs in a variety of fields and this has been the best, by far . . . ”

“I was very impressed with how the technical knowledge was translated into usability in the field . . . ”

“Outstanding combination of technical knowledge and application to the market . . . ”

“The reference materials are very comprehensive and an excellent means of conveying the information. . . ”

“You have a superior approach that is handled in a professional manner. . . ”

“Your program was well organized. I am excited about becoming involved with such a top drawer company . . . ”

“The separate marketing guides are most useful in helping identify prospects areas of need . . . ”

“The demonstrations are very effective . . . ”

“I’ve been impressed since the first envelope I received. Everything has been professional and the people have been great . . . "

“A very comprehensive and professional training school. My compliments to all . . . ”

“The entire program was first class . . . ”

“The food, accommodations and school were great! ”

“Great motivation, enthusiasm and confidence from everyone . . . ”

“They give you the sales plan for success . . . very easy to understand and apply . . . ”

“I’m proud to be associated with SWEPCO. I’ve always associated myself with winners and I’ve found one here . . . ”

“I have been to many training sessions and this was the most professional presentation I have ever attended . . . ”

“I loved the family feeling I had at SWEPCO. I’m glad I’m on the team as a starter . . . ”

“SWEPCO training session are top quality and I feel that the content is fantastic . . . ”

“. . . hands on experience is super . . . ”

“the professionalism & hospitality and the amount of money spent on us . . . total commitment to my individual success . . . ”

“The plan is very comprehensive . . . ”

“Some of the best instructors I have seen. Knowledgeable and professional . . . ”

“Sales managers and staff were great. . . ”

“Relevant . . . well presented . . . ”

“Straight answers to all my questions . . . ”

“The training instills confidence . . . ”

“Sales aides are excellent . . . ”

“After the school I have only the highest of regards for your organization, products and training.”

Our commitment goes beyond initial training

Continuing technical and sales support is available through direct contact with our experienced and dedicated staff and through regular mailings and training opportunities designed to make sure our Field Service Representatives, Sales Agents and Distributors are the best-informed lubricants professionals in the world.

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