Large Market

Prospects for our lubricants are everywhere

A large, vital and accessible market is an important contributing factor to Southwestern’s success

Every piece of equipment that “rolls on an axle, rides on a shaft, turns in a bearing, moves on a pivot or slides in a groove” needs lubricants.

If you look around your area you can see that prospects for our lubricants are very nearly unlimited. Trucking companies, factories, construction firms, sand and gravel facilities, agricultural enterprises, mining companies, fishing fleets and literally every other type of business is a prospect for our products. They all need lubricants . . . high performance, cost-effective lubricants.

Today’s cost-conscious equipment operators and maintenance personnel are looking for ways to extend the life of their equipment, reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime. SWEPCO Lubricants help them solve those challenges much more effectively than mass produced conventional grade lubricants.