Southwestern Petroleum manufactures a complete line of chemically superior lubricants marketed under the brand name “SWEPCO”, designed to lubricate virtually every type of commercial and industrial equipment.

Southwestern is committed to producing technologically advanced Lubricants

As an industry leader and innovator, Southwestern is committed to producing technologically advanced Lubricants that protect equipment assets in even the most severe operating conditions. SWEPCO Brand Lubricants have been helping companies around the world reduce overall operating costs through increased uptime and productivity and lowering maintenance and lubrication expenses.

The bottom line is that SWEPCO Lubricants enjoy wide customer acceptance because they deliver the benefits businessmen are looking for…energy savings, longer drain cycles, lower lubricant consumption, reduced maintenance costs, reduced labor costs, longer equipment and part life, reduced waste oil costs, improved operating efficiencies and freedom from problems.


Gear Lubricants

Engine Oils

Fuel & Oil Additives

Transmission / Tractor Fluids

Hydraulic Oils

Compressor Oils

Wire Rope / Chain & Cable


SWEPCO 150 Superior Wire Rope Grease
SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant
SWEPCO 724 Ultra AW Wire Rope Lubricant

Special Purpose Oils


SWEPCO 715 Power Steering/Hydraulic Oil
SWEPCO 728 In-Service System Cleaner
SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil

Industrial Spray Lubricants


SWEPCO 801 Clear Penetrating Lubricant
SWEPCO 803 Chain & Cable Lubricant
SWEPCO 808 Penetrating Oil
SWEPCO 812 Moly Dry Lube
SWEPCO 815 Food Machinery Grease
SWEPCO 816 Food Grade Silicone Spray



SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner