Transmission Fluids

Multi-Purpose Transmissions and Transdraulic Fluids for Heavy Duty Trucks, Passenger Cars and Tractors.

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Heavy Duty Trucks

White Tourist bus
Swepco 712 Premium Synthetic Multi-Service ATF

SWEPCO 712 Premium Synthetic Multi-Service ATF is a high performance multi-service lubricant formulated to deliver unsurpassed performance in demanding over-the-road powershift and a wide range of other automatic transmission service.

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Dump truck is moving down sand
Swepco 714 Heavy Duty TO-4/C4 Transmission Fluid

SWEPCO 714 Heavy Duty TO-4/C4 Transmission Fluid is a high performance multi-service lubricant formulated to deliver unsurpassed performance in the widest possible range of applications in mining, construction, trucking, marine, agri-business and municipal services.

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Passenger Car

Cars in a row
Swepco 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF

SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance is a fully synthetic ATF (automatic transmission fluid) utilizing Syntheon™ and advanced additive technology. 

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Hydraulic piston system for bulldozers
Swepco 709 Universal Tractor Hydraulic Oil

SWEPCO 709 Universal Tractor Hydraulic oil is formulated to satisfy the varying requirements of most major tractor manufacturers.

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