Swepco 104 High Heat Grease

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SWEPCO 104 High Heat Grease

A premium quality multi-purpose high pressure gun grease with excellent thermal and chemical stability. It is especially formulated to provide superior lubrication under a variety of demanding operating conditions, including severe temperature extremes, heavy loads and abnormal exposure to moisture.

The broad range of protection provided by SWEPCO 104 makes it a superior multi-purpose lubricant, satisfying the requirements of at least five common gun grease applications and many special applications as well. By eliminating the need for stocking a variety of greases for specialized applications, SWEPCO 104 saves users money, as well as reducing the risk of misapplication of lubricants. These two features, superior lubrication and broad range application, provide users with true lubrication economy.

Technical Data
  • Multipurpose grease for all applications
  • Smooth buttery consistency provides energy savings through friction reduction
  • Extended equipment life
  • Kilns
  • Foundries
  • Conveyor bearings

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