Quality Products


Another key ingredient to Southwestern’s success is the uncompromising quality of the products we manufacture and sell.  From our chemists, to our plant workers, to our technical and sales staffs, quality is a major commitment.

Only by placing this premium on quality can we state with assurance that SWEPCO Products are absolutely the finest made . . . anywhere.  The SWEPCO line includes more than 60 high performance lubricants . . . highly specialized greases, gear lubricants, engine oils and other industrial lubricants . . . recognized around the world for their superior quality and excellent performance.

All are specifically formulated to withstand the extreme conditions encountered in heavy-duty trucking, earth moving, mining, construction, agricultural and industrial equipment.  Our experience has been that high quality, high performance lubricants create loyal, repeat customers. iso_9001_cropped_best.jpg

A look through the SWEPCO files reveals names of a wide range of customers ... from some of the largest and most impressive companies in the world ... to thousands of small independent businesses who have given their trust to Southwestern.

The bottom line is that SWEPCO Lubricants enjoy wide customer acceptance because they deliver the benefits businessmen are looking for…energy savings, longer drain cycles, lower lubricant consumption, reduced maintenance costs, reduced labor costs, longer equipment and part life, reduced waste oil costs, improved operating efficiencies and freedom from problems.

Heavy Construction