Swepco 812 Moly Dry Lube

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Swepco 812 Moly Dry Lube

Superior lubrication – Use where oil or grease is not desirable

SWEPCO 812 is a specially formulated “dry” lubricant. Its carrier agent evaporates almost instantly, leaving the remaining “dry’’ lubrication.

SWEPCO 812 is formulated with Moly, the best lubricant available. In addition, dirt and foreign particles cannot adhere to this lubricant; thus, better lubrication and less wear for surfaces exposed to such contaminants. It can be used at higher temperatures than conventional greases. And SWEPCO 812 outlasts ordinary lubricants.

Won’t drip or run off

SWEPCO 812 dry film means no waste or drippage. Saves money and time.


SWEPCO 812 is recommended anywhere conventional grease or oil is not desirable. For chains and sprockets, sliding surfaces, rollers and conveyors, door locks and hinges, and many other applications.

Safety Data Sheets
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Simple and easy to use, gives superior lubrication with the press of a button
  • Mining
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Kiln guns
  • Where dry lubricant is called for

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