Swepco 816 Food Grade Silicone Spray

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SWEPCO 816 Food Grade Silicone Spray

SWEPCO 816 Food Grade Silicone Spray is a premium quality pure silicone NSF H-1 lubricant suitable for use where the possibility of food contact exists in federally inspected food and beverage plants. It prevents sticking of both moving and non-moving parts.

Use it for decreasing friction on food machinery parts, preparation tables and packaging equipment. Helps prevent food from sticking to nozzles, knives, preparation tables and other food machinery surfaces. Highly recommended for use on chutes, bins, prep tables, conveyors, locks, freezer trays, baking containers, belts, chains, rollers, rails, knives, filler tubes, nozzles, processing equipment and other metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather or wood surfaces for a non-stick surface.

Safety Data Sheets
  • Convenient aerosol – spray any way – even straight up
  • NSF H-1 Registered lubricant
  • Makes it more difficult for foods and glues to build-up and cause clogging and jams
  • Keeps packaging lines moving by making cellophane and other packaging materials slide more easily
  • Makes clean-up faster and easier
  • Protects machine parts and surfaces from rust, acids, corrosion
  • Agricultural
  • Food Processing
  • Food Storage


Applications requiring a USDA/NSF H1 or CFIA “n” rated lubricant where incidental food contact might occur

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