Swepco 818 Food Grade Penetrating Lubricant

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SWEPCO 818 Food Grade Penetrating Lubricant

SWEPCO 818 Food Grade Penetrating Lubricant is a premium quality penetrating oil and lubricant suitable for use where the possibility of incidental food contact exists in federally inspected food and beverage processing plants. Use it for loosening frozen and corroded bolts, nuts, screws, clamps and other threaded parts. Also good for pins, hinges, chains and other sliding or rubbing parts. Just spray it on and let it go to work dissolving and loosening rust, corrosion and crud of all kinds. Quick penetration means more work gets done with less wait time. And the clear formula means less clean-up. After disassembly and reassembly, spray parts to help prevent future rust and corrosion.

Safety Data Sheets
  • Especially formulated for incidental contact in NSF H1 applications in federally inspected food processing plants
  • Convenient aerosol – spray any way – even straight up
  • Penetrates rust, corrosion, residues
  • Loosens frozen/corroded parts fast
  • Works as a protective lubricant too
  • Special food grade anti-wear chemistry prolongs part life
  • Perfect for screws, nuts, bolts, rollers, slideways, meat hooks, knives, cams, chains and other parts
  • Agricultural
  • Food Processing
  • Food Storage
  • Industrial Equipment

Applications requiring a USDA/NSF H1 or CFIA “n” rated lubricant where incidental food contact might occur

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