Swepco 313 TC-W3 Two-Cycle Engine Oil

Two-Cycle Engine Oil
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SWEPCO 313 TC-W3 Two-Cycle Engine Oil

Today’s two-cycle engines are working harder than ever before. They run hot and they run hard and they test the very limits of lubrication technology. SWEPCO 313 TC-W3 Oil is a new generation heavy-duty two cycle engine oil specially formulated to exceed the performance demands of today’s high-horsepower two-cycle air and water cooled engines. It can be mixed with fuel or used as an injection oil. It’s superior anti-wear performance insures protection of hardworking two-cycle engines in a wide range of applications in forestry, landscaping, grounds maintenance and other industries.

In addition, SWEPCO 313 is licensed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and exceeds major water-cooled two-stroke engine manufacturers’ test requirements for the boating industry. SWEPCO 313 TC-W3 is designed for use in engines featuring more advanced technology and extends the previously proven TC-W/TC-W2 technology and beyond. It provides an extra margin of lubrication safety which can result in significantly less maintenance and costly downtime, while significantly increasing powerhead life, even those exposed to hostile salt water marine environments and “dirty gasoline”.

Technical Data
  • One oil for most water and air cooled two-cycle gasoline engines
  • Helps eliminate engine deposits which prolong the life and efficiency of the engine
  • Reduces plug fouling
  • Fishing
  • Lumber/Forestry
  • Marine
  • Marine engines
  • Two-cycle grounds maintenance equipment such as mowers, trimmers and blowers

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