Oiling the bicycle chain
SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant

Special Purpose Oils / Wire Rope / Chain & Cable

SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant is specifically formulated for clean, energy efficient lubrication of roller chain assemblies in high temperature environments.

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combine in field

All types of farming operations, including wheat, rice, corn, soybean, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, potato, vegetable, melon, berry, grape, tree, citrus, fruit & nut, grass and other crops.

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SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil

Special Purpose Oils

SWEPCO 729 Premium Flushing Oil is a light flushing oil formulated for purging systems prior to switching to SWEPCO high performance lubricants. Recommended for flushing compressors, transmissions, hydraulic systems, gear boxes, differentials, final drives, and engines.

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Swepco 204 All Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube

Gear Lubricants

SWEPCO 204 All Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube is a fully synthetic industrial gearbox lubricant designed to withstand extremes in both high and low operating temperatures.

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Logging tractor harvester
Lumber & Forestry

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water pipes joined with new valve
Swepco 708 Industrial/Turbine Oil

Hydraulic Oils

SWEPCO 708 Industrial/Turbine Oil is a premium quality, extended service industrial oil formulated to provide superior performance under the most demanding operating conditions

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