Swepco 204 All Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube

Industrial Gear Lubricant
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Swepco 204 All Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube

SWEPCO 204 All Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube is a fully synthetic industrial gearbox lubricant designed to withstand extremes in both high and low operating temperatures. SWEPCO 204 is designed to deliver superior performance in industrial gearboxes with state-of-the-art advanced performance package in SWEPCO’S SyntheonTM base stock.

Technical Data
  • Maximum protection and performance in extreme service (non-automotive) applications
  • Meets AGMA 252.04, CLP DIN 151517 (Parts I, II, III), US Steel 224, ISO 12925-1 CKC, ISO 6743- 6CKC, and NSF H2 for enclosed gearboxes where contact with food is not possible
  • Excellent sheer strength, outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear capabilities
  • Heavy Construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Trucking
  • Formulated for both extreme low temperatures as well as high temperature applications. Contains Lubium II® antioxidant/anticorrosion package along with other advanced additive chemistry to provide cost efficient extended drain protection from wear, foaming, over- heating, deposits, rust and water contamination.
  • For use in enclosed gearboxes found in steel mills, kilns, ovens, pellet mills, homogenizers, glass, brick and asphalt manufacturing.
  • High speed and general manufacturing, mining, gravel pits, conveyors, cranes, rail car positioning systems, and servos.
  • Gearboxes for fans, electric motors, pumps, grinders, chippers, and other stationary equipment.
  • Caution: Do not use in automotive or mobile transmissions or differentials.

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