SWEPCO Lubricants’ new SWEPCO 712 Heavy Duty Multi-Service ATF is a 100% synthetic, single viscosity, long drain automatic transmission fluid that exceeds the requirements of a large segment of the latest over-the-road transmission market, including Allison® TES-295, TES-468, C-4, Dexron® IIIH, Mercon®, Mercon® V, Jaso 1A and similar fluids. Made with a blend of the very best synthetic stocks available and enhanced with advanced chemistries, this outstanding new product features excellent anti-oxidation, anti-wear, shear stability, cleanliness, seal compatibility, rust and corrosion resistance, anti-foam, anti-shudder and cold weather performance. The result is outstanding protection, long service life, excellent control of varnish and sludge, superior shift control and unsurpassed cold start capability. The primary market for SWEPCO 712 is over-the-road heavy duty transmissions.

This includes buses, motor coaches, trucking, fire trucks, ambulances, garbage trucks, dump trucks, ready mix trucks and other vehicles that require the Allison® TES-295 specification. At the same time, it provides unsurpassed service in a large segment of the light truck and automobile market that requires higher viscosity transmission fluids.. Learn more here.