SWEPCO Lubricants’ new SWEPCO 512 Premium Performance Booster is a concentrated hydraulic oil booster package especially formulated to be added to NEW conventional mineral oil or PAO based hydraulic oils to improve oil life and performance. Hydraulic oils account for the majority of all oil sold in the world. Because they are consumed in such high quantities, many users are reluctant to spend the money to get a premium hydraulic oil like SWEPCO 703 Multi-Grade Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil or SWEPCO 704 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil. SWEPCO 512 now affords equipment owners who use conventional hydraulic oils the opportunity to enjoy hydraulic oil oxidative life and performance approaching that of premium hydraulic oils without the cost of a premium hydraulic oil. Added to a new conventional hydraulic oil at an economical treat rate of just 6% (1:16), SWEPCO 512’s advanced chemistry provides these benefits:

While the ultimate life of oils treated with SWEPCO 512 is a function of the quality of the oil being treated, controlled ASTM D-2272A RPVOT testing shows that SWEPCO 512 can reduce the rate of oxidation by as much as 50% or more. Learn more here.