Swepco 704 Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil

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SWEPCO 704 Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil

SWEPCO 704 Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil is an all-temperature, anti-wear hydraulic oil designed with a technically advanced additive package to provide superior protection from wear, rust, corrosion, sludge, oxidation, varnish, foaming and emulsification.


Technical Data
  • SWEPCO’s Syntheon synthetic base stock blends assure smooth even full power performance over a wide range of temperatures
  • Will not readily emulsify
  • Resistance to high temperatures helps eliminate sludge, varnish, and gum build-up in the hydraulic system
  • High dielectric strength
  • Agricultural
  • Heavy Construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mining
  • Hydraulic systems, mobile and stationary
  • Flight simulators

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