Plant Surveys

One of the many free services available from SWEPCO is a plant survey, wherein the field service representative will check all equipment, then make lubricant recommendations, set up service intervals, Laboratory Oil Analysis schedules and install Plant Survey Tags to track these, all in consultation with the Home Office technical staff.

Customers enjoy the benefits of a professional analysis of their equipment and its maintenance, as well as the opportunity to consolidate lubricant inventory. Many customers are able to convert from a multitute of products, brands and viscosities to only a few cross-functional SWEPCO brand lubricants. The Plant Survey coupled with SWEPCO's Laboratory Oil Analysis and customized training of the customers' lubricators allow SWEPCO customers to enjoy some of these benefits:

  • A preventative maintenance system that identifies trouble spots and high cost areas
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime helps prevent idle manpower and overtime...increases reliability of meeting production
  • Simplified system of controls for record keeping and application...minimizes time spent with OEM manuals
  • Reduces machine replacement parts and extends useful life of equipment
  • Reduces purchasing costs through product consolidation/fewer number of lubricants, fewer purchase orders and smaller inventories
  • Reduces the possibility of misapplication because of complete instructions on type, method and frequency of lubrication...insures equipment is properly lubricated
  • Training of lubricators increases their knowledge, effectiveness and morale
  • Program is updated on a regular basis by the SWEPCO Field Service Representative

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