Sand & Gravel

These are companies that process sand & gravel for the construction industries. Some are quarry style operations where rock is mined, crushed and processed to varying grades. Others are more dredging type operations where sand and gravel are recovered from rivers or lakes and processed. (SIC Code: 1442)

Critical Equipment Applications & Challenges Faced:

  • Bucket Pins & Bushings on Loaders -- Excessive wear due to extreme shock, high levels of water and abrasive dirt
  • King Pins on Trucks -- Excessive wear due to extreme shock, high loads and abrasive dirt
  • Bearings on Vibratory Shaker Screens -- Excessive wear due to constant shock environment and abrasive contamination
  • Gear Boxes on Conveyors, Crushers & Mills -- Overheated gear boxes due to extreme loading
  • Conveyor Bearings -- Short relubrication interval; lots of maintenance labor
  • Dredge & Transfer Pump Bearings -- Excessive heat, water wash out and resulting bearing loss

Related Type Businesses:

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