SWEPCO 716 Rock Drill Oil

  • Superior Extreme Pressure Performance
  • Resists Shock Loading & Wear
  • Excellent Tackiness Minimizes Wear & Scoring
  • Emulsibility Insures Lubrication In Presence of Water
  • Minimum Fog & Odor

SWEPCO 716 Rock Drill Oil is a premium quality oil specifically recommended for internal lubrication of pneumatic percussion tools used in mining and construction equipment.


  • Rapeseed oil base stock
  • Contains anti-wear inhibitors
  • Contains EP (extreme pressure) additives
  • Contains adhesive/cohesive additives
  • oxidation inhibitors
  • Contains anti-foam inhibitors
  • Contains
Special Purpose Oils
  • High temperature oxidation stability resists carbon formation, prolonging the life of internal rock drill components
  • Extreme pressure additives builds film strength, gives superior lubrication and eliminates metal-to-metal contact
  • Less smoke and oil consumption
  • Rock drilling equipment
  • Drifters
  • Hammers
  • Riveters
  • Paving breakers
  • Tampers
  • Other Pneumatically operated reciprocating equipement

Heavy Construction