Swepco 130 Polyurea Grease

High Temperature Grease
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SWEPCO 130 Polyurea Grease

A unique nonsoap thicken grease for use in a wide variety of applications.

It is an ideal grease for high temperature, high speed, and extreme pressure applications. Polyurea greases are highly recommended for use in electric motors, and SWEPCO 130 is compatible with other polyurea based electric motor greases. It is specially formulated to meet the demands of plain and roller bearings in long service applications.

SWEPCO 130 is the preferred grease for low noise applications and centralized systems. It is ideal for fans, spindles, electric motor bearings, and areas that get infrequent lubrication. SWEPCO 130 performs well in wet and dirty environments, has excellent corrosion resistance, and compatible with most seals. SWEPCO 130 Polyurea Grease can also be used in automotive and off road applications such as: U-joints, CVjoints, steering racks, chassis parts, water pumps, idler pulleys, and wheel bearings.

Technical Data
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent water washout and spray off resistance
  • Good pumpability, preferred for centralized systems
  • Excellent extreme pressure, wear and corrosion protection
  • Preferred grease for low noise applications
  • Ideal for use in areas of infrequent lubrication
  • Compatible with other polyurea based greases
  • Used in long term lubrication applications
  • Works well in all types of bearings
  • Wide operating temperature range -5°F (-20°C) to 450°F (232°C)
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Plain, ball and roller bearings of all types
  • CV-joints, U-joints, wheel bearings, chassis and other automotive applications
  • Electric motors, fans and high-speed bearings
  • Alternators, idler pulleys, air conditioner compressor clutch bearings
  • High-speed spindles
  • Conveyor belts, chain pulleys, sheaves
  • Low noise applications
  • Steel mills, pellet mills, saw mills
  • Farm equipment, lawn equipment, forestry equipment
  • Printing presses, paper mills, looms
  • Wet and/or dirty environments

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