Swepco 110 Shock Resistant Grease

Extreme Pressure Grease
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Swepco 110 Shock Resistant Grease

Heavy pounding and slamming associated with shovels, front end loaders, pile drivers, bulldozers and other heavy equipment of this variety quickly break down and pound out conventional greases, leaving bearings and other friction surfaces dry. SWEPCO 110 Shock Resistant Grease has been especially formulated to provide an extra margin of safety in severe service applications where shock loading makes conventional multipurpose and extreme pressure greases inadequate. It is a premium quality, cost cutting grease which combines superior shock resistance with excellent extreme pressure performance and chemical and thermal stability.

Technical Data
  • Excellent performance under the most adverse shock and pounding conditions
  • Fibrous structure builds a dust shield
  • Helps neutralize acidic mixtures and other corrosive materials
  • Reduced grease consumption
  • Extended equipment life
  • Agricultural
  • Heavy Construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mining
  • Bucket pins
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • WWTP aerators, pumps, valves

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