Flexible To Meet Your Goals

SWEPCO Field Service Representatives, Sales Agents and Dealers come from a wide range of backgrounds. While a background in sales or lubricants or machinery can be helpful, they are by no means prerequisites.

Year after year, we have welcomed inexperienced and untrained people into our organization. Our program has given these people the necessary training and support to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

But more importantly, we have provided options. Our program can be tailored to your level of commitment and your goals…regardless of whether you are simply looking for a good sales opportunity or whether your plans are much more grand.

If you are simply looking for a new, independent path to a higher income, Southwestern can train you and equip you to enjoy the unlimited earnings potential and freedom that come with being an independent sales representative.

If you want to start a one or two-person small business and grow as your capabilities grow, we can train and equip you to achieve those goals.

If you are an existing company looking for new or alternative markets for expansion or diversification, we can train and equip you for maximum penetration in this highly lucrative industry.

Regardless of your goals, Southwestern Petroleum can help you realize them.

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