An Established Company


The International Headquarters of Southwestern Petroleum Corporation is located at 3401 Quorum Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76137 USA.  The company was founded in 1933 and today is a multimillion-dollar ISO 9000 certified operation with Field Service Representatives and Distributors in more than 80 countries around the world. 

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation manufactures a wide range of industrial lubricants sold under the SWEPCO trademark. Since 1933, Southwestern Petroleum has been a leader . . . an innovator . . . in high performance industrial and commercial lubricants.

The SWEPCO trademark is recognized in the markets we serve as a symbol of quality. Our record of success has been built on dedication . . . dedication first to preserving our reputation for integrity swepco_energy_star.jpgin all of our dealings . . . and dedication to producing the finest quality products that modern science, money, skill, care, experience and pride can produce. 

Southwestern’s growing ranks of independent Field Service Representatives, Sales Agents and Dealers are proud professionals . . . proud of the company they represent . . . proud of its reputation . . . and proud of its products.

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