Clone of SWEPCO Globally Harmonized System Safety Data Sheet (GHS SDS) Index

101 Moly Grease


102 Organic Moly Grease


103 HI Plus Grease




104 High Heat Grease


105 HI Plus Grease

110 Shock Resistant Grease


113 Moly Fluid Grease


115 Food Machinery Grease



116 Ultra EP FM Grease

121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease

123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease

130 Polyurea Grease                      
150 Superior Wire Rope Grease

155 Long Life Coupling Grease                        
164 Ultra EP Open Gear Lube

165 MolyXP Universal Extreme Pressure Grease

201 Multi-Purpose Gear Lube

202 Moly XP 75W90 Synthetic Gear Oil                                   
203 MolyXP Gear Lube

204 Synthetic Gearbox Lube                        
210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube


212 Multi-Grade Gear Oil 75W140

222 Sprayable EP Open Gear Lubricant



303 Premium Multi-Grade Automotive Engine Oil



304 Heavy Duty Low Ash G.E.O.


305 Supreme Formula Engine Oil


306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil


308 Premium Plus Engine Oil


310 Premium Heavy Engine Oil                              
313 TC W3 Two-Cycle Oil



314 Small Engine Two-Cycle Engine Oil

333 Elite 100% Synthetic Engine Oil                       
350 Assembly and Break-in Engine Oil                        
501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver


502 Premium Oil Improver


503 Premium Gasoline Improver



512 Premium Performance Booster


702 Universal Synthetic AW Compressor Oil


703 Synthetic Multi-Grade AW Hydraulic Oil

704 Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil



706 AW/EP Gear & Bearing Oil

708 Industrial/Turbine Oil


709 Universal Tractor Transdraulic Oil


710 Maximum Performance Syntheic ATF

711 SAE 50WT Synthetic Transmission fluid

712 Premium Synthetic Multi-Service ATF


714 Heavy Duty TO-4/C4 Transmission Fluid


715 Power Steering/Hydraulic Oil



722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant

723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant

724 Ultra AW Wire Rope Lubricant

728 In-Service System Cleaner


729 Premium Flushing Oil

737 EcoPro Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil


750 Premium Food Grade Compressor Oil



755 Premium Food Grade Hydraulic Oil



757 Premium Food Grade Gear & Bearing Oil


770 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid                      
801 Clear Penetrating Lubricant (Aerosol)


801 Clear Penetrating Lubricant (Bulk)


802 Open Gear Lube (Aerosol)



802 Open Gear Lube (Bulk)                         
803 Chain & Cable Lubricant (Aerosol)


803 Chain & Cable Lubricant (Bulk)

808 Penetrating Oil (Aerosol)


808 Penetrating Oil (Bulk)


812 Moly Dry Lube (Aerosol)


812 Moly Dry Lube (Bulk)

815 Food Machinery Grease (Aerosol)


815 Food Machinery Grease (Bulk)                      
816 Food Grade Silicone Spray (Aerosol)


816 Food Grade Silicone Spray (Bulk)                     
818 Food Grade Penetrating Lubricant (Aerosol)


Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner


Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner



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