All types of farming operations, including wheat, rice, corn, soybean, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, potato, vegetable, melon, berry, grape, tree, citrus, fruit & nut, grass and other crops.

This category includes associated businesses involved in soil preparation, cultivation, planting, growing, protection, harvesting, cotton ginning, nut shelling and other businesses which prepare crop production for market.

Livestock production is an important part of the agri-business market, particularly beef cattle and dairy farms.

Also included in this category are businesses involved in the growing and harvesting of timber and other forestry products and businesses involved in raising and harvesting of all types of fish and shell fish, including hatcheries and fishing fleets.

Specifically look for farms, ranches, feedlots, dairies, farm and ranch service companies, crop dusting and fertilizing, harvesting services, landscape contractors and service companies, tree planting services, cotton gins, nut shelling operations, fishing fleets, fish hatcheries, catfish farms and logging businesses.

Critical Equipment Applications & Challenges Faced:

  • Bearings & Rollers -- Excessive downtime due to frequent greasing cycles; failures due to improper grease application, high temperature, dirt, dust, water, chemicals & fertilizers
  • Transdraulic Drive Units (transmissions, differentials, final drives, wet brakes & hydraulics) -- Excessive wear due to heavy loads, dirt & water
  • Fuel Delivery Systems -- Plugged injectors due to poor quality fuel, excessive idling
  • Hauling Trucks -- Not used for long periods then 24/7 during harvest seasons, leaking hub seals, over-worked transmissions & differentials
  • Engines -- Downtime due to failure, maintenance or chemical stability of oil due to seasonal storage

Heavy Construction