SWEPCO 737 EcoPro Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

SWEPCO 737 EcoPro Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil is a high performance non-toxic, biodegradable hydraulic fluid that delivers performance superior to conventional biodegradable and many petroleum-based fluids in areas such as service life, high temperature resistance, lubricity, low temperature fluidity and wear control. SWEPCO’s proprietary blend of high oleic ester base stocks and advanced eco-friendly chemistry provide optimum protection for hydraulic systems that must be operated in ecologically sensitive environments, including marine, agriculture, wildlife, forestry, landscaping, drilling, dredging and many other applications where spills represent risk to water, wildlife or vegetation.


  • Superior Biodegradability
  • Non-Toxic to Fish & Other Aquatic Life
  • High VI High Oleic Natural Ester Base
  • Oxidative Stability
  • Rust and Corrosion Performance
  • Anti-Foam Performance
  • Anti-Wear Performance
  • Extreme Pressure Performance
  • Pour Point Performance
  • Seal Compatibility
Hydraulic Oils Biodegradable
  • Unsurpassed biodegradability -- 96% CEC-L-33-T-82
  • Absolutely non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Does not produce rainbow sheen
  • Specifically formulated for improved high temperature resistance, long life service and superior wear control
  • Superior to many petroleum based lubricants in natural lubricity -- 50 lb Timken OK Load
  • High VI natural esters with superior oxidative, thermal & hydrolytic stability -- protection to +200°F intermittent
  • Excellent low temperature flowability -- won’t clog filters or inhibit lubrication -- good down to <-30°F
  • Superior resistance to foam, rust & corrosion
  • Exceeds requirements of major manufacturers

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