SWEPCO 711 SAE 50WT Synthetic Transmission Fluid

SWEPCO 711 is a fully synthetic, manual transmision lubrcant engineered to exceed the extended drain and OEM warranty requirements. SWEPCO 711 can be used year around in manual transmissions on light to severe duty, on-road and offroad equipment. SWEPCO 711 is designed to function in a wide range of environments and will provide maximum protection to heavy duty transmissions. SWEPCO 711 will outperform conventional gear oils with a wider operating temperature range, oxidation stability, wear protection and corrosion control capabilities. SWEPCO provides a stronger film strength at high temperatures due to its high viscosity index and excellent lubrication at below freezing without channeling. The outstanding performance of SWEPCO 711 makes it suitable for use in heavy duty long drain transmissions manufactured by Eaton and the Mack TO-A series. SWEPCO 711 meets or exceeds the requirements of the EP gear oil classification and can be used in transmissions and gear cases.

Transmission / Tractor Fluids Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Extends transission life and reduces the cost of operation
  • Longer seal life and extended drain and service intervals
  • Protect and extends the life of synchronizers
  • Extends component and fluid life
  • Minimizes wear during severe service
  • Reduces wear at cold starts and improves shifting
  • When used with LOA it will lower operating costs
  • Helps to improve fuel economy and lower operating costs


  • Heavy duty manual transmissions where extended service drain intervals required
  • On highway commercial light trucks
  • On highway heavy duty trucks
  • City buses
  • Vans
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture


Heavy Construction