SWEPCO Formulates "State-of-the-Art " Wire Rope Lubricant

SWEPCO Lubricants is pleased to annouce significant advancements in the protection of wire ropes and cables for the mining and marine industries.

SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant is a state-of-the-art wire rope lubricant with overbased calcium sulfonate chemistry. This industry leading product has already been tested and proven in the toughest mining applications and launches a new generation wire rope lubricant that doesn’t have the disadvantages of the older asphaltic type wire rope dressings.

The HVG stands for “high viscosity grade” because this tough lubricant is the equivalent of an ISO 21,392. So it protects expensive wire ropes from wear and corrosion. Because it is translucent it also makes inspection much easier which is important for safety reasons in all wire rope applications.

This new product delivers superior service in marine, mining (both surface and underground), sand and gravel quarries, cargo handling companies, logging, rigging companies, manufacturing, excavation and demolition companies, crane rental companies, heavy construction and many other applications. Lean more here.

SWEPCO 724 Ultra AW Wire Rope Lubricant is identical to SWEPCO 723 except it includes a “diluent” which reduces the viscosity temporarily to allow easier application. Once applied it slowly evaporates to provide the full film protection of SWEPCO 723. Lean more here.

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